Thursday, 6 December 2012

Backpacking Europe: England Part 2 Liverpool

posted by Brett

One week removed from quite possibly the greatest concert experience of my life (for sure the greatest here in Edmonton),  I've finally sort of got my head back on straight after having my mind blown at Rexall Place (our hockey arena for those unfamiliar).  This concert was of course performed by Liverpool's favorite (living) son Sir Paul McCartney!!!!!!!!!!  This was the first time he or any of the Beatles have performed in the City of Champions, and my first chance to see any of them in person, and believe you me he did not disappoint!  3 straight hours, no intermissions (minus 2 short encore breaks), hit after hit after hit, and a few newer songs thrown into the mix to keeps things fresh.   Personal highlights from the evening include "Something" played as a tribute to the late George Harrison on a ukulele, as well as "Yesterday" at the start of the second encore.  Also, the 70 or 80 year old man who screamed and cheered and threw his arms up in the air after every song was an amazing sight, and kind of inspirational. To have the passion he showed at that show at his age was nothing short of incredible.

Tuesday, 4 December 2012

To Bring, or Not to Bring: The Miscellaneous Extras

Posted by Ali

Packing for a backpacking trip is hard. You are travelling for an extended period of time, with very limited space. I’m the type of person who would bring two suitcases to Mexico for a one week trip. You can only imagine how tough it was for me to figure out what I would bring with me, and what would be left behind. It felt like every time I looked at my bag it was getting smaller and smaller.
After an extremely difficult process of elimination, I managed to decide what clothes and other necessities would come with me to South America. But what about the extras? Most people are more than likely going to toss a few other things in their packs that they will either be extremely grateful for, or resent having to carry around.

Here is a list of some of the things that either I brought, wish I brought, didn’t need to bring but glad I did, or looking back, did not need at all.