Friday, 9 November 2012

Hello, Bonjour, Hola

Our names are Ali and Brett, we're a Canadian couple from the wonderful suburb of Sherwood Park, Alberta, which has lead us to a life of desires outside the bubble. Mostly backpacking, within the last year or so each of us have gone on separate trips; Brett across Europe and Ali through South America, along with short stints to Mexico, the US and South Korea. We are now in the process of  saving like mad to prepare for the next journey.  This time together, and the destination: South East Asia.  The exact route has yet to be planned, but we might actually keep it that way.

As we get set to fatten up our backpacks once again we've created this blog to share some of our experiences, and pass along some useful info to anyone looking to adventure to the same parts of the world as us.  We'll be sharing stories and tips from past excursions, as well as some travel fund saving tips we've picked up  as well. Example, couponing, couponing rules.  Then come the spring we'll be taking off and filling this space up with everything S. E. Asia.

You can hit us both up on twitter @brettslinger and @aligoesabroad or follow our blog twitter page @bigfatbackpack, and Ali on instagram @aliroundtheworld

Talk to you soon... Well type at you soon anyways.

Brett and Ali


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