Saturday, 24 November 2012

Weekending in Jasper

posted by Ali

Last weekend Brett and I went to Jasper courtesy of his work, who treated the entire staff to the weekend getaway for their Christmas party. Now, there's not a whole lot to do in Jasper in the winter if you don't ski or snowboard, which I don't, or if you don't feel like indulging in a spa day, which Brett didn't. Despite this, we still found ways to amuse ourselves in the small mountain town. 

Our day mostly consisted in browsing the many Canadiana themed souvenir shops, admiring the variety of wolf shirts available. We did make a few other stops though, including tea in a fun little diner called the Soft Rock Cafe, where the walls were covered with different instruments.
Anyone know what this is?
We also stopped in at the Jasper Brewing Company for lunch, where we sampled some of their on-location brewed beer.
How many bottles of beer on the wall?
We ended our afternoon about town with a stop at the incredible Wildlife Museum in the Whistler Inn. Seriously, who doesn't love taxidermy animals in dark rooms? And for $3 admission, how could we pass it up? There were some real winners on display:


It was a hoot!

Back off! Get your own deer!
For dinner, Brett's work took us to Syrah's, where we were force fed (almost, but not really), an amazing four-course meal. If you're looking for a nice meal, definitely check it out. Their beer selection is amazing. Brett couldn't help but pick some of his fav Belgian beer, Duvel. 

All in all, a pretty decent getaway, if only for the weekend, and not anywhere warm.

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